At Citrus, we believe that providing the best services requires a strong commitment to our core values:

PASSION - We love what we do.

FUN - We bring energy, enthusiasm and spirit to our daily work.

CELEBRATION - We recognize and honor success.  We celebrate the unique talents within our team and also among our clients, partners and colleagues.

RESULTS - We understand our client’s goals and demonstrate our worth by designing programs that reach them.

TEAM SPIRIT - We thrive in a team environment, and work together to provide the best service for our clients.

BALANCE & WELLNESS - We believe in the importance of relationships, family, well-being and health.

PROSPERITY - We believe that good work should be valued.

GOOD FAITH - We believe in doing our best work or providing clients with referrals to our industry affiliates.

PROFESSIONALISM - We are committed to providing exceptional client relations, smart dialogue and clear agreements as we understand the significance of our role in serving as clients’ extended team members.

FAIR BOUNDARIES - We won’t take on a client project that we don’t believe in, can’t be successful with or don’t feel chemistry with.

ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT- We are willing to take risks to drive our business forward.  We are unafraid to break away from common procedures and standard practices.  We provide our clients with thoughtful recommendations and thrive in our continuing effort to be an authentic and original team.